New Global Ideology

For most people, it is clear that mankind is on the threshold of global changes in all spheres of life, first of all, in spiritualism.

- There are many new discoveries happening in different branches of science. Especially in information– communication directions.
- There is a misrepresentation
- All noted the acceleration time
- Previously closed knowledge, secrets, information of ancient civilizations is opening up
- The ability to gather and analyze information provided, even if partial, understanding that all ancient knowledge intersect and come from the same sources, laid down at various points of the erth on the ground of previous civilizations.
– There is a fusion of ancient knowledge with modern technologies, most clearly exemplified in medicine. Today the non-traditional methods of treatment perfectly interact with traditional medicine and modern diagnostic ways, that until recently was not possible.
– Science in its findings is the confirmation of ancient knowledge.
– Not so long ago it was recognized that a man has his energy.
– Accumulated photo and video database, which recorded the appearance of fine energies in a man.
– All recognized that information and many discoveries come to earth through Contactees.
- The knowledge described in the books, allow humanity to make a new round of development.

This project is designed for the transmission of a new generation of knowledge.



Unique concept is based on the basis of seven years of training and transfer information from Contactees through meditation.

Fundamentally new knowledge is confirmed characters.

The purpose of the project – distribution of characters and a new generation of knowledge, which will remain for centuries.

The project is under development and is expected long-term.

A new generation of characters – a manifestation of the spiritualism in the material.

Each new character starts formatting space.

This is a new concept for the company’s



We are a non-profit organization that does not belong to any government or religious structures.

Since the project concerns the whole of humanity, and each person in particular, we are open to dialogue and cooperation.

Because of its global nature, the project is developed in many different directions.

We invite all interested individuals who are ready to leave their mark in the history of mankind, to the partnership.



First Global Symbols Fund.

Fund task – the creation of resources and the basisfor consolidation and disseminationof symbols and a new generation of knowledge,which will remain for many centuries for mankind.

The Foundation exists to charity funds.



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