First Global Symbols Fund.
Fund task – the creation of resources and the basis for consolidation and dissemination of symbols and a new generation of knowledge,which will remain for many centuries for mankind.

The Foundation exists to charity funds.


The Law of Ra – Spark.
The Spark of God launches DNA. 

The Higher Thinking of Person – Imperator The Astral Body.
The energy body,
Soul - an endless energy source.
Domestic Thinking.
The physical body – DNA,

The Life of DNA - The Spark of God.
The Sun - Life on the planet Earth.
Spiritual gives life to the Physical.

You have a life to realize this Law.

Brand Sparkle - connection to the new systems.
You get the Development Impulse – Sparkle.  
When you pay tax in the amount of
100 g. 999.9 Gold
at the exchange rate in any currency.  
For organizations of any form
10% of the capitalization on the day of payment.

Without paying tax - the impulse to fade

Invoice for payment


       GLOBAL AMNESTY     

Ritual the Amnesty of Kins. 

The Kin receives complete forgiveness
Imperators from the Dark World
in the Light World
The Imperators of Kin begin to develop
Kin on the Bright Side.   
A representative of Kin receives
zero point on the debts.   
First World Symbol denoting a break of two signs of infinity.
The symbol is made in such a way that two infinity values have one tail.
Meaning - the beginning of correction of all the previous symbols and laws.

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Freedom of the Imperators. 
All the Imperators here are under the Law of Sansara. 
Your quantity is only replenished.
Since the days of the Pharaohs, no Emperor did not leave the planet Earth.

The planet Earth is marked with
the Coordinate System Point.

The Imperator (the person) after the transition (death)
leaves the planet Earth with the right of Liberation,
when paying the tax
110 grams of 999.9 gold in favor of God Ra

At the specified point of the Coordinate System or through the representative of the Ra Clan.
The Imperator receives the right to voluntarily visit the planet Earth
n any Incarnation without detentions.

Without paying taxes
The Imperator is subject to the law
Of the Wheel of Sansara - Rebirth.

You have centuries to realize this Law.

Ritual can only be done after the ritual Global Amnesty.

For consideration of the point in the coordinate system, 30 years from August 17, 2017 are allocated.

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